How to Best Use Social Media to Find New Clients

Social media is a great tool for finding new clients. Potential clients are there, looking for the products and services you offer, so it’s the perfect place to connect. But it’s not just a matter of creating a profile and having new clients flock to you. You have to proactively go out there and find them. Here are some strategies to best use social media to generate new clients.

Meet Your New Clients Where They Are

There are many social media platforms out there, and not all of them are appropriate for finding new clients. Create a target profile for your ideal client and find out which platforms they use for finding goods and services. Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram are very popular with a wide range of users. LinkedIn is a professional B2B networking site, so it’s a great place to look for clients. If you’re not sure, sign up for all and drop the ones that don’t bring results.

Communicate Your Natural Strengths at a Glance

On each platform you plan...

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Attract More Clients by Knowing Your Strengths

How do you sell yourself to clients? What do you do well that’s unique from other businesses in the market? In order to explain this to prospective clients, you need to clearly understand your unique strengths. Our strengths aren’t always apparent to ourselves, so you have to do some strategic thinking.

Examine Your Experience

Go over your experience working in this area. Where have you spent the greatest time working? Whatever you’ve done most is probably something you’re good at. You’ve accumulated knowledge and expertise by doing it.

Look at Your Biggest Successes

Go back over your history and look for your biggest successes. Find the times when you really achieved something fantastic. For each, what was behind the big success that made it happen? Sometimes the timing was good, you were lucky, or it was something external to your business, but look for instances where something you did bring about success.

Consider Soft Skills

Don’t just look...

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Visibility is key to growing your online business

It’s Monday afternoon and my week is already shaping up to be amazing with a speaking engagement tomorrow in Philly!! Can’t wait to see my Philly peeps at The Bridal Masterclass!

But I’m ready to face the week head on because visibility is key to growing your business. And yes I could be sitting here letting the comparison and fear of judgement monsters take over my thoughts of loving myself exactly where I am.

But nope I get this boo because....

I know my people need me.
I know to grow my business I have to get out and be seen.
I know to make the income and impact I want, I’ve GOT TO SHOW UP.

I had my morning green tea, journal writing and mediation session and with it, I’m unstoppable.

And every time I look at pictures of myself onstage being me, doing me, loving me and not worrying about anything or anyone else.....


No matter what this week may bring, just know you have a bright future ahead, friend! What’s on your agenda?


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