Attract More Clients by Knowing Your Strengths

How do you sell yourself to clients? What do you do well that’s unique from other businesses in the market? In order to explain this to prospective clients, you need to clearly understand your unique strengths. Our strengths aren’t always apparent to ourselves, so you have to do some strategic thinking.

Examine Your Experience

Go over your experience working in this area. Where have you spent the greatest time working? Whatever you’ve done most is probably something you’re good at. You’ve accumulated knowledge and expertise by doing it.

Look at Your Biggest Successes

Go back over your history and look for your biggest successes. Find the times when you really achieved something fantastic. For each, what was behind the big success that made it happen? Sometimes the timing was good, you were lucky, or it was something external to your business, but look for instances where something you did bring about success.

Consider Soft Skills

Don’t just look...

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How to Use Online Forums to Find New Clients

Online groups and forums are places where people get together and discuss their common interests. They also go there to find the products and services they need to solve the problems they’re facing, so it’s an excellent place to find new clients. Here are some strategies you can use to generate clients from online forums.

Discover Where Your Clients Hang Out

Start by figuring out where your target client spends their time online. What forums do they use? For example, if your target clients are website owners or e-commerce business owners, check out a webmaster forum like Warrior Forum.

If you offer photography services, you can join forums where people would likely be searching for photographers, such as wedding or baby forums. If you sell clothes or accessories, you might join forums related to fashion. Reddit is an excellent resource for forums on every topic imaginable. Once you find them, join forums related to the niche or industry you’re in.

Check Out the...

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4 Proven Tactics to Increase Your Social Media Following

Are you trying hard to grow your social media audience but getting frustrated that nothing ever seems to give you the numbers you’re hoping for? Sometimes posting good content, commenting on others’ posts, and interacting in groups just isn’t enough to bring on the exponential growth you’d like to see.

Here are 4 proven tactics that can show dramatic results.

  • Take Full Advantage of Your Profile

Is your profile complete and up-to-date? What does it say about you? This is an extremely valuable piece of internet real estate and few businesses fully realize its potential.

Your profile should be completely filled out and should include links to other your online presence such as websites, blogs, YouTube channels, and so on. It should also include well-written copy that explains the unique value you offer and introduces new people to your brand.

Take some time to write a killer profile and set aside time regularly to make sure it’s up to date. Whenever you...

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