Are you ready to up your sales game?Let's take it up a notch with some simple and sweet consistency! Hands high if you're in!

I'm here to transform you from a  struggling unheard female business owner into a successful thriving digital boss b*tch CEO who confidently shows up in her business and sells out her services so that she increases her income, impact and freedom.

 Not moving yet? No worries I'm here to  transform struggling unheard female business coaches into successful thriving digital boss bitch CEOs who confidently show up in their business and sell out their high ticket programs and experiences so that they increase their income, impact and freedom.



Hey Love, I'm Shafonne!


Å media mogul who created the world’s only site for plus size brides, Pretty Pear Bride, is the CEO of a top wedding media company and digital marketing agency with over 20 wedding publications of which I owns 8 of them, Aisle Society. I realized that my true super power was educating, empowering and inspiring other female service based entrepreneurs to show up as themselves (regardless of what anyone else says or thinks) and sell the s*** out of what they love to do! 

I'm extremely knowledgeable in online marketing and sales and have helped with multi-million dollar launches for my clients and business partners. I have closed over $10 million in revenue and knew my experience needed to be shared with others.

I am passionate about helping service based providers grow their business through mastering marketing, sales and pr, leading to increased sales in their 6 figure and beyond business. So they unlock their income and impact potential creating more wealth, freedom and limitless success within themselves, their families and their businesses. 



Ready to show the world what you got? Get out there and make 'em fall in love - they'll be so impressed with your awesomeness, they won't hesitate to open their wallets!


1:1 Coaching 

 Give me 90 Days and you'll walk away with an irresistible offer, magnetic sales strategy and the confidence to actually show up and sell it with my proven framework - Human Connection Marketing

Amazing Sales Confidence Isn't Just Made... It's CREATED!


Online Courses

All of the self-paced training courses are designed to help you attract your audience, connect with your audience and convert your audience.


Strategy Sessions

90 minute call to strategize your roadmap to income and impact

Just a little Love!

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