Hi I'm Shafonne!

I help wedding professionals build engaged audiences online and create digital products to sell online with ease. 

I want to learn 20 Ways to Start Making Online Revenue TODAY

""Incredibly lucky and grateful for Shafonne Myers!!!! She just gets me🤗, she has been instrumental in helping me identify, define and articulate my vision🙌🏻 2020 is my year to shine bright✨ ""

""Shafonne, Thank you for all you do. What we talked about was priceless. It was the only thing I was missing. I guess I assumed I had it but I didn’t. Thanks again!!!" "

""Shafonne helps me so much! It's so hard NOT to expect perfection though! I’m gonna have to try really hard lol! Love our chats! ☺️""

""Shafonne is great! I am loving these talks, the practical knowledge can be used in other areas. Thank you for such a wonderful support network""

I'm ready to start working 1:1 to make more sales and a bigger impact in my wedding business.

Shafonne Myers is a media mogul and online marketing and sales business coach from Temecula, California. She graduated with a biology and psychology degree but always had a love for weddings and helping people. She built an internationally recognized, award-winning wedding publication for plus size brides, Pretty Pear Bride. Her wedding publication is the only one in the world and has solidified her as THE plus size bridal expert.

She helps wedding professionals build a highly engaged audience and create digital products to sell online with ease so they unlock their income + impact potential and create more wealth, freedom and limitless success within themselves and their businesses.  From her experience with working with the plus size bridal industry, she also helps wedding professions struggling with booking clients identify their ideal clients to make more money and get more clients with less effort.   

These are both the true reflection of her zone of genius. Harnessing her fearlessness, determination, charisma and plain ole hustle, Shafonne empowers wedding creatives to step into their digital CEO mentality because with the changing climate of the wedding industry and economy, we have to change how we make money, yet most of us haven't shifted this thinking and we are leaving thousands if not millions on the table in our lifetime. 


I want to learn 20 Ways to Start Making Online Revenue TODAY

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