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business help May 16, 2023


Super excited to share a podcast interview I did with my PR mentor Jen Berson of Jeneration PR and Profitable PR Pros. Check out the details and link to listen below.

In this week’s new episode of The Pitching Powerhouse Podcast, I’m highlighting a PR pro spotlight that you won’t want to miss. 😎 

I’m chatting with Shafonne Myers, the founder of Shafonne Myers Consulting, an agency that specializes in the coaching & consulting niche.

Shafonne started out as a wedding blogger and built a media & digital marketing agency all about weddings and events…she just didn’t realize she was doing PR at the same time! 🤯

In this episode, we’re diving in and exploring Shafonne’s shift to doing PR for real and taking her education into her own hands (with the help of The Pitch Lab and The Agency Accelerator, of course!)👏

Adding PR services to her agency was a HUGE learning curve for Shafonne…

But it was the best decision for her and her company, and it allowed her to truly step into her zone of genius in all parts of her agency.

You WON’T want to miss this incredible episode.

Shafonne’s confidence journey is majorly inspiring — she was able to defeat self-doubt and realize that she was worth all the connections and opportunities she was getting in her niche 💪

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