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Pretty Pear Life: A Curvy and Confident Podcast for Plus Size Women.

Loving Yourself From the Inside Out.

Week after week, host Shafonne Myers brings you advice, tips and guests that help YOU transform your life and learn to love yourself, feel beautiful, stop comparing yourself to others and finally get the courage within yourself to be yourself. 


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Shafonne Myers is a media mogul and self love and body positivity coach from Temecula, California. She graduated with a biology and psychology degree but always had a love for weddings and helping people. She built an internationally recognized, award-winning wedding publication for plus size brides, Pretty Pear Bride. Her wedding publication is the only one in the world and has solidified her as THE plus size bridal expert.

She has recently started offering private coaching for: plus size women ready to transform their lives by learning to love themselves, feeling beautiful, stopping the comparison game, and finding the courage within themselves to be themselves. From her experience with working with the plus size industry, she also works with brands who want to improve their marketing for plus size women. 

These are both the true reflection of her zone of genius. Harnessing her fearlessness, determination, charisma and plain ole hustle, Shafonne empowers plus size women to release their fears and insecurities, embody their self worth, and get into action to become the best version of themselves in life and business. 

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